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Each few weeks we will post interesting articles about the big island of Hawaii for the benefit of vacationers to our unique island paradise. We hope to help curious travelers find unique sights, experience cultural events, and sample the local foods of Hawaii.

For starters, let's Introduce ourselves. We are two tour guides, one is born and raised in Hawaii and well is immersed in the culture and landscape of the island. The other one is from another island that is well known as New York.... but fell in love with Hawaii. Together we work as tour guides by sharing the beauty of Hawaii and the aloha spirit with our guests.

One of our clients suggested we start a blog to answer some questions about the islands such as..... the best sites to see, the best places to eat, the funnest places to party, and where to find ‘ true authentic’ Hawaii experiences that we locals seem to hold so dearly.

With this blog we hope to deliver unique inside knowledge to curious new visitors of Hawaii. We will write about the history of Hawaii, its unique beaches, waterfalls, volcanoes, markets, upcoming events, festivals, and other exciting news to help travelers plan their visits and get a true taste of the Island and its culture.

Welcome to Hawaii,

We look forward to meeting you.