Today’s Lava Hike

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We drove to my house, parked the cars in the driveway, and then hiked for about 80 minutes over older solidified lava flows to reach this amazing place where we saw huge blobs of lava oozing out of the earth … Continued

Waterfall Tours

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  Enjoy and Discover some of the best swimming waterfalls in East Hawaii on our waterfall tour.   After discovering several waterfalls we will enjoy swimming with wild ocean turtles. We will however respect the law and remain 15 feet … Continued

June 27th Flow

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  These are some amazing photos from recent tours. Accessing Lava flows require some hiking at the moment, but the rewards are well worth the effort as you can see.

Lava Updates

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  According to USSGS Lava has dried up on the coastal plain, but we are lava chasers and are dearly loved by the Hawaiian volcano Goddess Pele who appreciates our long journeys to see her. It’s an even harder hike; … Continued

Lava Hike

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  BOOK NOW Hawaii Lava Hiking Tour Information Page   We get you as close to Lava as possible, and we do so safely. The afternoon lava tour begins between 3 and 4:00 pm and is usually completed by 10 … Continued

Lava Flow Tours

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Hawaii Lava tour Call or Text (808) 209-9894 to reserve your tour and receive important details regarding the constantly changing lava flows.  If you love to hike and have good hiking shoes, This can be you. Departure times and hiking … Continued

Hawaii Lava Hike

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    Do you want to see red hot lava flowing right beside you? Our goal is to show you the most impressive show on earth, and to guide you safely there and back. Send us an email or a … Continued

About me

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As a Hawaii tour guide I have explored many wonderful sites throughout the four major islands. I have also journeyed extensively within my home island of Hawaii, and am very much in love with her beauty and spirit. The island … Continued

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