Captain Kiko

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Sailing aboard Captain Kiko’s ‘Wa’akaulua’ or double outrigger canoe is a one of a kind Hawaii adventure that is not to be missed! While aboard his canoe you will experience serenity and bliss as you workout your biceps, practice steering and sailing, learn … Continued

About me

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As a Hawaii tour guide I have explored many wonderful sites throughout the four major islands. I have also journeyed extensively within my home island of Hawaii, and am very much in love with her beauty and spirit. The island … Continued

Hawaii Lava

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    Seeing bright orange lava oozing out of the earth is an incredible experience no one ever forgets. Viewing lava is like watching nature birth herself before your very eyes. Lava viewing is also an incredible experience that is not … Continued

Lava Updates 2015

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The Big Island of Hawaii is the largest of all the Hawaiian islands and it is also the youngest. Actually, Hawaii is still growing due to its volcanic activity. Hawaii island currently has two active eruptions happening as of now. … Continued


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Each few weeks we will post interesting articles about the big island of Hawaii for the benefit of vacationers to our unique island paradise. We hope to help curious travelers find unique sights, experience cultural events, and sample the local … Continued