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No Hawaii vacation is complete without a waterfall swim; but your safety is also very important, so please do not go waterfall swimming without being properly guided. Our waterfall hiking tours provide you with memorable experiences of Hawaii by allowing you to get as close and as safely as possible.  When approaching Hawaii waterfalls it is important to be aware of all of the dangers, hazards, and changing conditions that can occur at any time.

As a guest on our waterfall hiking tour you will be safely guided and introduced to several Hawaii waterfalls on the eastern side of the island. At least one of your tour guides will be an experienced photographer who understands the unique photographic conditions necessary to capture high quality waterfall images. This will provide you with beautiful photos of your waterfall adventures and memories that last a lifetime.

Hawaii’s Prettiest Waterfall


Tour Organization 

The tour lasts approximately 6-8 hours and the amount of falls we see depends on how much time we spend at any particular location, traffic conditions, and weather. Volcano Hiking Tours has access to a variety of waterfalls throughout the island of Hawaii. Some of them are famously known and others are off the beaten path and not as well known. Our tours allow you to experience the maximum that our beloved Hawaii island has to offer. All Volcano Hiking Tours can be customized to some degree based on the hiking abilities and interests of our clients. Some of our tours are hiking intensive, others are more swimming or viewing intensive, and some are all three.  Because our tours are nature based, we will at times alter the the structure of the tours. This means that we will only swim within the smaller sheltered waterfalls or not swim at all if conditions appear to be unsafe. Either way, you will experience amazement and awe, and have beautiful photos to remember these magical times.


Hilo Waterfall


Fitness ability

Share with us your age, level of fitness, hiking, and swimming experience.

Inform us of any injuries or health conditions you may have.

You don’t have to be a good swimmer to enjoy some of our smaller waterfalls;

But you must be a good swimmer to swim in the bigger ones.

Even if you don’t want to swim you can still enjoy the tour without getting wet.


While this tour is relatively easy compared to some of our other hiking tours, we may at times have to walk over wet and slippery terrains to get to some of our waterfalls. This means that you need to have proper shoes, good balance, and be comfortable walking over uneven ground.


What to bring

Swim suits beneath your clothes if you intend to swim

Our hikes involve nature exploration so don’t expect changing rooms on site

Hydration is important and different palettes prefer different types of water so please bring a liter or two of your favorite bottled water to make sure that you stay hydrated. We will have ice cold coolers in the car to keep your water cool.

Towels to dry off if you plan to swim

Quick drying clothes for your comfort

An extra pair of clothes  just in case your first one gets wet

For your comfort and safety please bring either, amphibious hiking shoes, water shoes, sport sandals, Tevas, Hiking sandals, or waterproof hiking shoes. In order to access some of our waterfall it is necessary to pass over wet slippery rocks and muddy terrains. Walking sticks will be provided.


Recommended shoes

For your safety it is essential to bring shoes that have a sole with good traction and slip resistance.To maximize on time it is also recommended that your shoes easily come on and off if needed. Make sure your shoes fit properly by walking with them before your tour.

There are many types of shoes you could bring on the hike, but we have some suggestions that you may find helpful. We recommend Five fingers Signa water shoes which are designed to provide added slip resistance on rocks and “allow natural foot flexion when swimming. They encourage water drainage, are lightweight, and dry quickly ” We also recommend 3T Barefoot Max by Bodyglove as an “ideal shoe for all types of water sports while protecting your feet by allowing unparalleled dexterity for the toes that can be articulated”. These shoes “provide excellent grip on all surfaces, allow water to drain through the sole, and air to circulate when on land”. These two types of shoes are probably the best types for waterfall hiking adventures because they both allow maximum dexterity. And because we all have our preferences, please look around to find the best adventure hiking shoes to fit your needs.

Five finger shoes for women, Five fingers for menBodygloveAmphibious shoesTevasWater shoes,Tabi watershoesChildren’s shoes

If you are on a budget but still care about your safety please visit this site for $5.00 water shoes. I have a pair and I love it. Best of all, this is a charity site and your $5 shoes will help preserve an acre of rainforest. That way you can save money, protect your feet, and save the rainforest, for just $5.00.


Safety Precautions

Do not drink the water

Wear proper water shoes

Do not swim with open wounds

Use walking sticks if needed

Allow us to give a helping hand ‘literally’

Follow your guide’s instructions

Do not  wonder far form the group

Do not eat a heavy meal right before a swim

Swims may be cancelled if conditions are too hazardous

Do not ever swim farther than where it is safely recommended

There will always be two guides for groups larger than 3 people

Please leave valuables with one of the guides

Protect your electronics from shock and water