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Whether you are newlyweds seeking to capture romantic photos of your honeymoon bliss, a happy family capturing childhood memories, or an adventurous spirit traveling solo, you can relive the magical bliss of Hawaii through photos captured on our Vacation Photography Tour. This custom tour lasts only a day, but your Hawaii photos will generate memories that last a lifetime.
Our Island Exploration Vacation photo tour merges landscape and portrait photography to capture the highlights of your Hawaii vacation. When you chose this tour you will be privately guided to some of Hawaii Island’s most beautiful sites so that you can enjoy them for a day and then relive them forever through your images. This vacation photography tour is customized based on your needs, wants, and preferences.

We offer half day tours which last 4 hours and full day tours which last 7 to 8 hours.
 Our photographer guide captures your moments of joyful expressions within gorgeous Hawaii locations.
Due to various circumstances, portrait tours may end an hour late at no extra charge to you. Our portrait photography tours are all nature based and require flexibility in organization and preparation. Sudden weather changes, altered lighting, adjusting camera settings, stopping for food, enjoying the scenic locations, and traveling between sites impact the timing and organization of the tours. This means that each tour will be uniquely organized and times will be approximate and adjusted as needed.
We have a list of scenic backgrounds that you may choose from as the back drop for your portraits. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us as we put this tour together for you.

Choose 6 backgrounds for your images

Splashing and Cresting Waves
Tide Pools
Tropical Botanical Gardens
 Social settings,
  Markets,  Farms,
Crystalline Hawaii Waters
   Events, Performances,
   And anything else you desire
  Reserve a tour and we’ll make it come true


When you reserve this tour please tell us about yourself and the other people in your group. We want to know if you are a couple looking to capture romance, a group of friends on an adventure, a family that is traveling with children or elderly, or an individual who wants souvenirs of their journey.
You may choose certain desired sites to visit and have in the background of your portrait photos or you can let us choose them for you.
Very importantly, tell us where you will be staying on the big island so that we can plan out driving distances. We also have a list of hotels that we recommend. If possible, please contact us before making your hotel reservations as we give discounts to people who stay at certain hotels such as the Volcano Inn.

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